Euro 2012 Final: Spain vs Italy Prediction, Line Ups, Head to Head, Formation

Italy vs Spain Euro 2012 Final Prediction, Line Ups, Head to Head, Formation. Again, we discussed the football grand final party the continent of Europe, euro 2012, which are just waiting for hours to take place. 2012 European Cup final this time will show the big teams in world football, the Spain vs Italy. Italy history is a record is still better than Spain in terms of winning the big football tournaments. However, lately as we all know Spain appears to be a major force in both the spain national team or club la liga.
Euro 2012 Final Spain vs Italy Prediction, Line Ups, Head to Head, Formation
Spain secured their first entry into the EURO 2012 final round after the semifinal round by defeating Portugal in the round penalty shoot-out drama. As for Italy, got rid of one of the favorite team champion, the German with the score 2-1 in the semifinals last. Person who tinkers strategies and predictions Spain vs Italy, it is very difficult and complicated to ascertain who is the winner. Both teams had met in the group stage at which time they draw with the score 1-1. Spain vs Italy meeting history is still dominated by Italy, Spain vs Italy a record attendance was recorded Italy has won 10 games while Spain won 9 games and other games ended in a draw.

If we rotate the direction slightly to the rear, which is the 2006 world cup, Italy at that time managed to become world champion, although at the time the World Cup will begin at that time, Italy was hit by football calciopolli case. And the 2012 euro Cup this time, a similar thing almost happened. EURO 2012 Italy started this time with less reassure the news that hit the Italian League Serie A, which is again the case of fraudulent airings score in Serie A. Well if this is a sign that Italy will return to the tournament won euro Cup this time?

Certainly do not necessarily like it, Spain would also have to ambis euro trophy won two times in a row, and if successful, then this title will be a third degree achieved by Spain in the European Cup. In addition, if Spain managed to realize his ambition, then Spain will become the first team able to achieve a euro Cup title two times in a row, or in other words, successfully defended his euro Cup champions who had won the previous tournament. For Italy itself, if it managed to win the ultimate party or the party's top European Cup 2012, then this is the second time Italy became king of euro continent.

Interestingly enough, both teams are much strengthened by players from the champion in each league. Spain is reinforced by most of the Real Madrid players, and Italy much strengthened by players from Juventus. Both teams also have a goalie who is senior enough where the goalkeeper has also served as team captain in their respective countries. Casillas of Spain there is a play on the current club Real Madrid, and Buffon of Italy there are currently still in the team from the city of Turin, Juventus.

Both teams may already know the strengths and weaknesses of each, because before the final day, the two teams have met in the group stage. Just how later the coach and the players take advantage of existing opportunities, as well exploit the weaknesses found in the enemy. Do not miss the last game at Euro 2012 this time, which will be held on July 2, 2012 at 1:45 pm. And Final matches are scheduled to be broadcast live by ESPN.