How to Change default search engine in Internet Explorer

Windows Live is default search engine in Internet Explorer so when you search in search box you are searching in windows live. However you can change the search engine that search box uses, here is how:

1.Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button and then click Internet Explorer,

2.The Internet Explorer window opens and displays the default home page which is,

3.Click the down arrow button to the right of search button, then click "Change Search Defaults...",

4.The Change Search Default style log box appears and displays all available search engines, the default engine which is the search engine that search box is currently uses contains the word (default) to the right of the name, can find more providers by clicking in "Find more providers..." link, a new internet Explorer window opens and the Add Search Providers to Internet Explorer page appears,

6.Select the Search engine from the list,

7.In the Add New Provider dialog box click the "Add Provider" button,

8.Close the opened Internet Explore Window,

9.Select the Search engine by clicking on the search engine in list, do so by clicking the down arrow button on the right side of search button, then click search button in the list,

10.If you want to use that search engine every time you open Internet Explorer, click the arrow button and then click "Change Search Default...",

11.In the Change Search Defaults dialog box click the search provider that you want to make the default, and then click "set Default" button, then click the OK button to confirm changes,

In this example default search engine changes from Windows Live to Google and the search box now display the name of Google Search engine.